Tariffs for charging at a PARKnCHARGE charging station

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Below you find the charging tariffs that are charged by PARKnCHARGE to the service providers (i.e. the parties that issue the charge cards). Please note that service providers can charge different tariffs to their customers. Your service provider, the issuer of your charge card, can provide you the applicable tariffs. These tariffs are also applicable when you charge your electric vehicle without using a charge card (ad hoc charging).

PARKnCHARGE offers 2 types of charging points with matching tariffs. We have Smooth-charging points and Power-charging points. The charging power of a specific charging station can easily be seen through the stickers on the charging station.


Minimum charging power

Maximum charging power

Tariff per kWh 

Tariff per hour


2,8 kW

5,7 kW

€ 0,25

€ 0,25


8,6 kW

17,0 kW 

€ 0,30

€ 0,50

All tariffs are included VAT (21%)

An explanation of the tariffs at a PARKnCHARGE charging station

Smooth-charging point

If you would like to charge your electric vehicle during the night or a workday, or does your electric vehicle have a single-phase charger? Use the beneficial Smooth-charging points. A Smooth-charging point offers a minimum charging speed of 2,8 kW and a maximum of 5,7 kW. Depending on if other vehicles are charging at the same time as well. The tariff for charging your vehicle here is € 0,25 per kWh (incl. VAT) and € 0,25 per hour (incl. VAT).

We use a tariff per hour as well to motivate users to not unnecessarily occupy charging points. This way, everyone can use our charging stations and we can keep the tariffs per kWh low.

Power-charging point

Our Power-charging points are suitable for electric vehicles with a 3-phase charger. Power-charging points have a minimum charging power of 8,6 kW and a maximum of 17 kW. Depending on if other vehicles are charging at the same time and the charging technology in your electric vehicle. Do you have a vehicle with a single-phase charger? We advise you to use our Smooth-charging points because you will not charge faster at a Power-charging point. The tariff for charging your vehicle here is € 0,30 per kWh (incl. VAT) and € 0,50 per hour (incl. VAT).

Charging without a card

Use a free App

If you would like to charge without a charge card (ad hoc charging), you can use the free “Laadpaal” app from Last Mile Solutions. The previously mentioned tariffs are applicable and are displayed in the app as well.

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  1. In the app, look up the charging point you would like to use.
  2. Make sure you select the right charging point. In the app, below the address, you will first find the number of the charging station followed by an * and a 1 or 2 indicating the charging point. You will find the number of the charging station on the inside of the black cover of the charging point.
  3. When you have selected the right charging point, press Start transaction.
  4. Enter the expected costs of your charging session. Any remaining balance will be refunded after the transaction has ended.

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